“I think you have a terrific skill. I was amazed the first time you demonstrated your ability based on a single sentence and this time your analysis is quite close to what I am. Overall, I am very much impressed.”

-- Professor Suresh – IIMB
   via e-mail

"I know Shruti since college days. And what caught my attention during the college introductions was that she mentioned something very Unique as her hobby, and thats Psycho-Graphology (Study of handwriting).

Shruti is a very down to earth, and an understanding person at heart. A good listener, and a great advisor, be it any aspect of life or work. She is a keen observer, and is good at analyzing behavioral attributes of individuals. In addition to the characteristics above, she is an excellent Handwriting Analyst. What started as a hobby has now become a passion for her, and the best part is she is very good at what she does. I wish her all the best for all her ventures in the future. Good Luck.

-- Ritam Anand Gaur
  Associate Manager, Technology
   Porteck India Infoservices Pvt. Ltd.

Shruti is an awesome graphologist. Her handwriting analysis skills are par excellence.

-- Prashant Bhekare
  MJ Rajore Research Team.

Shruti Singh : humor sense, a charming smile and accuracy are three traits that come so naturally to her. I feel honoured to have taken her interview. It was definitely a life time experience that I shall never forget!

After a session filled with a lot of witty comments and funny remarks I requested her to do my analysis. Upon telling me about myself, I was left dumbfounded!

Here is a lady who knew me for just around 2 hrs yet knows almost everything about me so accurately!

Everything about me was so accurate; from importance of my family to my anger management.

I realized this is no plain lady sitting in front of me, but someone who is out there to really make a difference. My experience with her was indeed enlightening. She has a way of putting people at ease and her humour sense is unbeatable .So friendly yet so professional. Her wide and diversified clientele speak volumes of her fame and success.

Shruthi Singh has changed people’s lives by filling them with happiness thus making them realize the meaning and value of life as to why we are here in this beautiful world. I consider myself very lucky to have met her.

-- Sharika Nair
   Student - NIT Trichy.

You are accurate! Thanks.

-- Rajiv Dhingra
   Owner - Founder & CEO
   WATMedia Pvt Ltd ,Chief Blogger

Super True! You are good and accurate, I will sure recommend you!

-- Parul Mahajan
   HR Baxter Noida
   Via E-Mail

You are AMAZING and it was fun to spend time with you. Our team is more than happy, amazed and SOCKED! Thank you do much for your time and analysis today, I am sure this will help us do better in our performances.

-- Rahul
   Theater artist – MITR
   New Delhi

Thanks a lot Shruti, for first time i have seen such an in depth analysis. And feed back always has to be BOOST (Boosting, Objective, Oriented, Specific and Timely) All I can say is if you can put some more emphasis on weaknesses then it gives a glimpse on the areas of improvement.

Overall I can say I am delighted with the way you have given the analysis. Thanks once again , I may contact you in future if any support/advice is required.

-- Deepak Kashyap
   Schineider Electric
   New Delhi

HI Shruti,

Many thanks for such a detailed report. This is for the first time in life i came across such a detailed description of myself. It contains nearly all the aspects of my personality give me an inside story in a crisp and clear manner. I am sure this is going to help me in getting myself more focussed towards my career goals and also help in nurturing my personal relationships in a better understanding an smooth manner. i recommend this to everone and wish Shruti and all her clients all the very best in life.

-- Fond Regards,
   Amit Kumar Saxena
   Schinedir Electric
   New Delhi

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