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1. Personnel Screening

An in-depth report that addresses the job aptitude of the writer Job categories of Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional are assessed. A written analysis provides insight into a writer's intellect, social skills, job skills and energy, and can be shared in the interview process.
"Personal/Confidential" page for use by the employer. This gives the employer a summary of areas for development and numerical rating on a scale of one to five as to suitability for employment.

2. Personnel Report
For businesses receiving many applications screenings can be done based on volume. Personnel reports from handwriting analysis are issued only on writings that display the traits necessary for the position (up to 25 samples per screening).

3. Team Profiling/ Conflicts Understanding
Profile of all the team members are studies with respect to work they are supposed to do together and then address to issue/ concerns if any.

4. Integrity Profiling
Check chart list of potential problematic behaviours assessment of possible problems with mental stability, ego, emotional communications and material/physical desires.

5. Corporate Profile (Corporate Career Profile)
We all know with greater responsibilities comes greater risk for the organisation in putting a person in charge for the role. A handwriting analysis of employees you wish to elevate - establish a performance profile of their collective abilities and motivations will give you better understanding and confidence in your decision.

To know what Handwriting Remedial is please refer FAQ section on Handwriting Remedial.
Remedial services are given on consultancy basis. For more Information please contact

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