Services for Individuals, Parents and Students

Behaviour Profile
An in-depth handwriting analysis report integrates information regarding the Intellect, Self-Concept, Emotions, Interpersonal Skills and Anxieties and Defences of the writer.

A useful tool in assessing the personality with results similar to that of psychological testing

Vocational Analysis
A career-assessment modelled after the Strong-Campbell Vocational Inventory test
Abilities and motivations are assessed in six vocational categories using handwriting analysis: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Compatibility Profile
A combination of two Behavioural Profile reports evaluating the strengths and stresses of a relationship. A useful tool to understand the faults and virtues of someone special using Graphology. It could be used for personal understanding as well as with business partners.

To know more about Handwriting Remedial, the concepts, the steps involved, how it works etc, please refer to FAQ section on Handwriting Remedial. In case you wish to know more please write to:

I-Excel program for Children/ Kids
This program is specially designed for children under age of 8 till 22 years. Our program focuses on their age need of Concentration, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Logical Skills, aggressiveness, energy level, emotional insecurities.

Personal Success Program for Adults
This program is specially designed to address to the concern and issues of young minds from 22 till 80 years. Ws focus on relationship building skills, self-esteem, life management, stress, depression, goal focus in life, partnership (professional & persona) problems, family remedial focusing on entire family taking up the session.

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