Keeping my promise to get the best of world’s knowledge to India; I am very happy to announce WRCR now have their tie up with USA most famous Handwriting Analyst- Sheila Lowe

Her self-study program, Graphotherapy Monogram and certification is now available to India. For more information please contact:, we will be happy to help you.

Welcome to Write Right Crafting Rivet (WRCR). We at WRCR are committed to provide high quality Graphology; ie; Handwriting Analysis services.

Graphology is the science of Handwriting Analysis. With the help of extensive research being undertaken across the Globe Graphology is getting new insights to refine the process of handwriting analysis. Graphology is part of study of psychology as handwriting has a strong and proven relationship with the state of the writer’s body and mind. A lot about a person can be deduced through their handwriting. We at WRCR, use this tool extensively for all self-understanding and ‘co-survival’ concerns. WRCR delivers in-depth insight about people through the experienced knowledge combined with latest available resources and tools from psycho-therapy to deliver customized solutions for our clients.

Graphology not only works as a ‘fault finding tool’ but also aids in personality correction and improvement. This is known as Handwriting Remedial, which implemented correctly with right kind of diagnostic study of the problem and sufficient practice, brings unparalleled results. WRCR has experienced this with over 100’s of clients. WRCR’s feedback and programs were well appreciated by our clients and their further success stories have motivated us to launch this as a formal and customized program for clients who wish to use this as their personality enhancement/ improvement tool.

WRCR is ably supported by a dedicated team of passionate, certified and experienced graphologists from all across the World, allowing us to fulfill WRCR’s belief in quality and on-time deliverables.

We will appreciate if you can give us an opportunity to help us address your quest for self- understanding or any other concerns. For more details on our work please visit page: Our Services. For any further query please feel free to mail us at:

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