Our aspirations are our possibilities” - Robert Browning
Firstly, I would like to begin by thanking all my friends, my loving family and above all the Almighty for having given me a chance to share my story and treasures!

It was way back in 1995, when I was a class X student that I got my first book on Handwriting Analysis. Clueless about what it was, I safely kept the book with me and for the introvert I was, I secretly studied it for years. After that, I began sharing my basic analysis with my family and friends. It did encourage me, but limited resources stopped me from moving ahead.

I had a vision, and no means of fulfilling it! During one of my graduation ceremonies, I remember being questioned about my life goals/ career graph. To this my answer was “I don’t know how this will happen but one day I shall be a certified Handwriting Analyst; along with that I shall be a proud owner of a well established Handwriting Library!”.... After 14 yrs, today, this wish has come true and what I feel cannot be expressed by mere words or sentences!
After my college graduation, I got so involved in the rat race of establishing my career, that this teeny weeny vision on Handwriting Analysis was concealed. However, there was some strong force that kept pulling me back to it in some way or the other. Thereby, my inner appetite to learn and get back to this vision kept rising. As the famous Chinese saying goes- ‘Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back.’

Finally, with this boost to go further on the path of Handwriting Analysis and with the unconditional love and support of my husband I completed my certification in this science. This in turn created an enormous urge in me to learn and further explore this realm which was untouched and fresh!

Today, my urge for this exploration had reached its heights in the form of this library- The Handwriting Research Library of India, which has given me a huge platform to share all that I’ve gained over the years with all of you!

I can only open the door for you, but you must enter by yourself!

I would also like to extend a warm note of thanks to all the people who have contributed and encouraged me in this endeavour and have helped me make my dreams and passion come true. I will not be wrong when I say that these people have indeed made my life!

I thank all my readers for spending a few moments of your life on my dream and all the members for having made the most of this opportunity!

Happy learning!
Shruti Singh(President)