The Handwriting Research Library of India (THRLI) is a library for all your needs and questions on handwriting analysis and remedial. It is a huge and very vast source of enlightenment on the subject. It provides you an education on what handwriting analysis is and how it works, its history and much more information on this subject that you really had no clue about.

Handwriting analysis is a science and it is not a new one. It has come to the fore recently but it has a history dating as far back as 6000 years ago. The Chinese were using handwriting analysis back then to assess personality traits. In fact handwriting analysis has been mentioned in a few famous works by historians over the ages like Sutonius who mentions it his work. Camilio Baldi wrote the first known book on graphology back in 1622 and in India alone the history of handwriting analysis goes back to 1581. So this science is much older than we realize but it is still waiting for a spotlight and the recognition it deserves especially in India.

Most of the time, ignorance is not the reason for this science being unrecognized. It is because it is a science that is almost unheard of and there isn’t really much of a source that provides an in depth knowledge of it. Even the internet cannot educate you on the subject as much as books that have come down through the ages can. It is seen more as a venture for money than as a noble subject with a greater purpose.

Handwriting analysis in India does not really have an integrating platform and a research platform. This is where THRLI comes in. Shruti Singh is a passionate young woman with a vision. This is a vision that she shares with the purpose of handwriting analysis. Apart from her expansive education on the subject she also has international exposure and a fire in her belly to bring focus to handwriting analysis in all its glory. She recognized the need for this science in India and has ever since had a vision for it both nationally and internationally.

The Handwriting Research Library of India was born out of this vision. The mission of THRLI is to get the world to India and India to the world. This passion grew over a year and matured when access to get books became a little more feasible. At THRLI you will find that all your questions will be answered whether personally or through the vast sources of information that is made available to you here. The mission of THRLI to ‘Get the world to India and India to the world’ is in place. The main focus is to bring handwriting analysis as a science to India in a way never seen before and help everyday people like you and I avail of its multiple purposes and benefits in our daily life, so we may live our lives to the fullest while at the same time recognizing the need for handwriting analysis and remedial globally and helping people benefit from it, so India can be portrayed on a global platform. THRLI requires all the support it can get to realize this goal in all the glory that has been envisioned for it.